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Now Available: Thy Fearful Symmetry - From A Blue Room
Inspired by bands such as The Cocteau Twins, Mogwai, Love Spirals Downward as well as Pink Floyd, South Bend, Indiana musicians Paul Seegers and Tim Villalba have come together with a studio project that combines shimmering guitars with lush synthesizers designed to calm the soul and fire the imagination.


Now Available: Psychepoppet's Extended Single "Ghosts" with Additional Remixes By <de/Mute> and Warszawa
Simple things can sometimes reveal greater truths and the understated often goes unheralded. In the case of the Washington DC area-based project, Psychepoppet, minute details and influences are common in shaping both the physical landscape and audible projections that become the day-in and day-out of existing in close proximity to the US's most notorious district.